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River’s Edge Pharmacy Partners with The Cancer Community Clubhouse of Reno, NV for the Paint and Sip Event

October 23, 2021 marked the first event to announce River’s Edge Pharmacy’s PATH program. River’s Edge proudly sponsored the Paint and Sip event held by The Cancer Community Clubhouse of Reno, NV, where Patient Care Manager Lizzie MacDonald took the stage.

Lizzie introduced the services provided and therapies treated by River’s Edge Pharmacy. She also went into detail about PATH’s innovative and personalized methods to patient care which serve to embolden patients and reclaim their joy and passion for life. The Cancer Community Clubhouse was excited to hear about River’s Edge Pharmacy and PATH program, especially from a fellow patient with a unique perspective. Lizzie was able to personally connect with these patients through casual conversation in a fun environment and listen to the journeys of cancer survivors.

“I was honored to speak in front of these brave folks and introduce the PATH Program,” said Lizzie. “While the event was for cancer patients, the focus was on the fun of painting. There was a lot of laughter. But most important of all was that the room was filled with hope – a huge component of our program’s efforts to help patients thrive.”

“While there, I spoke with two patients who expressed their appreciation for PATH’s unique approach. They added that doing things with fellow cancer patients – while not constantly talking about cancer – helps the healing process. The patients need the PATH Program, and they loved that there is now a program specifically designed for them.”

– Jennifer “Lizzie” MacDonald
Patient Care Manger, PATH Program

Look forward to more RE-sponsored events, as the PATH Program promises to be a valuable asset to River’s Edge Pharmacy, doctors/specialists, and patients.


About The Cancer Community Clubhouse of Reno, NV:


The Cancer Community Clubhouse was founded by Stage-4 Metastatic Breast Cancer survivor Natalie Zacharczyk and her sister. The sisters recognized that patients and caregivers needed community as they go through the emotional and physical effects of treatment. Since its inception, the Cancer Community Clubhouse has put together a robust calendar of social and educational events. These events include yoga, arts and crafts, member dinners, mind/body skills groups, meditation groups, healing with journaling workshops, and other activities that generate personal connections and empower the lives cancer survivors. The Cancer Community Clubhouse has become an asset to the Northern Nevada community and is recognized as an integral contribution to the cancer community by both major hospital oncology clinics in the area.

The Cancer Community Clubhouse operates in Nevada as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that relies on donations and sponsorships to allow membership and events to be free to all members.

Jennifer “Lizzie” MacDonald leads the PATH – Patient Healthcare and Wellness Program at River’s Edge Pharmacy. As a patient with multiple chronic conditions, Lizzie has first-hand experience with navigating the complex health system.

Throughout her journey, she has become impassioned with sharing her knowledge and serving as an ambassador for patient independence, wellness, and recovery. This not only lead to patients’ relief and comfort, it has provided an opportunity for doctors to utilize a patient advocate for more effective and time-saving care in their practices.

Lizzie is an outspoken supporter of creating community through support groups as well as through the invaluable connection of one-on-one interactions for patients who are managing chronic/complex illnesses. Through her efforts, she has emboldened patients to share their ideas, goals, and triumphs, as well as live life to the fullest, regardless of their condition(s).

Lizzie is also a contributing author to River’s Edge Pharmacy’s News and Articles

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