Testmonials and Stories from Happy River's Edge Pharmacy Patients and Professionals

Patient Testimonials and Success Stories

Countless patients love River’s Edge Pharmacy. Read their testimonials and the stories of River’s Edge Professionals as they help patients from therapy to recovery.

Taking Care Of My Concerns.

"Everything went great with my infusion; thank you, Melissa, for taking care of my concerns, the nursing agency called me right after we spoke, and they found a solution for my concerns. I was happy with the RN Andrew." ❤

Happy with the Personal Care.

“Thank you Fadi for the personal care and the time you took to call me and get my infusion done on short notice, and thank you, Melissa, for arranging the nursing and scheduling the infusion, I really appreciate the personal care, and I am very happy with the services”

Compassionate and Consistent.

“Hi Arianne. Thank you! That's perfect, I look forward to it!
“I'd also like to give a great feedback towards RE pharmacy and every female nurse that has been sent to my home for my infusion. They are very professional, kind, and just amazing all around. Thank you for making this experience as pleasant as possible!" ❤

Professional, kind, and considerate

“I just wanted to thank you and your team for everything you’ve done for me. I was extremely happy with the two nurses that you had sent for my last infusion. Roxanna was very professional, kind, and considerate. Her work ethic is truly immaculate!”

Thank You So Much!

“A patient recently received their 2nd infusion of Tepezza on your service. First infusion was at the Murrieta infusion suite and the 2nd (and remaining) infusions are being infused at the patients home. The patient LOVES their nurse and gave our Patient Access Liaison very high feedback on this nurse’s bedside manner and clinical acumen. Thank you.”

Expertly Professional

“Every person who works at this office is expertly professional and superbly competent. It always feels like a safe, friendly and knowledgeable environment to receive medical services.”


“This team was easy and proactively helpful from start to finish. I had Covid for 6 days, asked about monoclonal antibodies and they helped me get them within 24 hours just before the pre-December spike hit. They got my doctor to expedite faxing over the prescription and sent a nurse to me to administer the IV. My fever was gone after 24 hours. THANK YOU”


““I cannot recommend, thank nor appreciate you enough! When odds were not in our favor, and quibbles with insurance arose – you pulled me through. You got your amazing, reliable and knowledgeable team on the line – for hours – and found a promising and legitimate way to get me what I needed. Believe me – NO OTHER COMPANY WOULD HAVE GONE THAT EXTRA MILE! With you guys at Rivers Edge, I’m a face, name, personality, and friend. At other Pharms, I’m a number – and that’s no way to treat a patient whose life depends upon the drugs that Pharms provide. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!…Looking forward to many happy years working together!..Best always!”


“I’m thankful to God to be under your wonderful care! Blessings.”

Peace of Mind

“Basma gave me the information I needed and gave me peace of mind. Thank you”

A Better Solution!

“Pharmacist, Nardeen Serour, was GREAT. Helped me solve a medication problem and recommended a better solution!“

Courteous and Understanding

“Basma was very courteous and understanding to my situation with my dad and his current health. Thank you!”

Can't ask for a more polite, professional, fast, and informative personnel.

“Thank you very much for the great staff at River’s Edge. I always receive my medication on time, and I receive a refill call when I’m supposed to. Can’t ask for a more polite, professional, fast, and informative personnel. Estefany is great. When my grant ran out of funds, she found another way to get it covered. She deserves A+. She is passionate and a great asset to your company.”

Helpful and Responsive.

“Teresa was helpful and responsive. She worked with me during my insurance nightmare that I am still dealing with. I really appreciate Teresa helping me with my prescription process”

Outstanding Professionals

“You’re so lucky to have Felicia and Noorali working with RE. They add luster to your organization. Wow!! Very special people … outstanding professionals.”

Thank you!

“Friendly, professional, and efficient.”

Words can not convey the gratitude

“Thank you so much for all you do, Fadi. We hope you have a great and healthy holiday and new year. Wishing you and your family health upon this new year. Words can not convey the gratitude in my heart for the calm and peace you bring on this rough road”

Outstanding Professionals

“You’re so lucky to have Felicia and Noorali working with RE. They add luster to your organization. Wow!! Very special people … outstanding professionals.”

I felt very supported

“Gina is very helpful and supportive. She answers all my questions and knows what she’s saying. I felt very supported when I talked to her about my side effects and everything has been going well. Thank you!“


“Noorali and Felicia are both incredibly personable and professional. The infusion center is outstanding"

We were packed and ready...

“Thank you for me being able to let you know how much it means to me that during the fires, someone from your Pharmacy took the time to call and ask how me and my family were doing, and that the staff was concerned and wanted to let me know they cared. That was a wonderful feeling because we were packed and ready to go if needed. Thanks again.”

Happy with the Personal Care.

“Thank you Fadi for the personal care and the time you took to call me and get my infusion done on short notice, and thank you, Melissa, for arranging the nursing and scheduling the infusion, I really appreciate the personal care, and I am very happy with the services”

Compassionate and Consistent.

“Hi Arianne. Thank you! That's perfect, I look forward to it!
“I'd also like to give a great feedback towards RE pharmacy and every female nurse that has been sent to my home for my infusion. They are very professional, kind, and just amazing all around. Thank you for making this experience as pleasant as possible!" ❤

River's Edge Pharmacy has been exceptional.

“My experience with your pharmacy has been Excellent in all ways. I especially appreciate Estefany, Gina and Medhanie and the service they rendered. Also I greatly appreciate Stephany who arranged for a foundation to pick up a large portion of my copayment. River’s Edge Pharmacy has been Exceptional and the staff is Kind, caring and Knowledgeable.”

Much appreciated.

“I want to thank you for all you help – it was very much appreciated. I also want RE to know that they have an excellent nurse doing the transfusion. Tina Watson is a very knowledgable, caring professional nurse. She does very well giving me the IVIG infusions, and does a superb job at poking me with my bad veins that refuse to cooperate. RE made an outstanding choice in hiring Tina Watson.”

I can't recommend the staff enough.

“The pharmacy is fantastic. They care and spend the time you get the best service possible. Every time I am low I get a call and a safe delivery arranged. I don’t get that kind of care usually and am so appreciative. I can’t recommend the staff enough because it’s hard enough to be ill and it’s so easy and I rely and trust which is rare and deserves a big thank you!”


“RE Pharmacy is superb at their customer service. They are the most communicative company when it comes to complicated situations, they figure out ways to service their customers in the most convenient way. I love working with their staff and they helped me keep my IVIG treatments on schedule and they make sure my nurse gets all of the supplies she needs. I would recommend them to anyone receiving IVIG treatments.”

Thank you, Noorali!

“Noorali Hirani is an extremely capable nurse who proves time and time again compassion throughout my challenging and difficult days. He is able to leave his personal life at the door and concentrate on me and only me and my needs, providing superlative care with a smile on his face every single week. Noorali is upbeat, charismatic, and charming, Without his empathy for my situation and his dedication to providing continuity of care, I would feel lost. Thank you, Noorali for helping me to be a better me!”

My life has truly changed because of you all!

"I just can’t thank you enough for all you do for me. You take my calls, you do what you say you’re gonna do… your whole team is really great! My life has truly changed because of you all!"

She is very appreciated

“Nardeen has been so helpful setting up our chemo drug deliveries and billing information needed for our insurance. She always asks us if she can do anything to help and has called just to ask how things are going. She is very appreciated.”

I can't say enough

“The Staff is wonderful – over the edge with customer service. I have been dealing with pharmacies for about 30 years. The whole process with River’s Edge from beginning to now, I have never in my life seen this amazing customer service, and specially the follow-up after the delivery to ask how the patient is doing or experiencing any side effects. I am amazed by the care to find financial assistance. I can’t say enough!”

I will miss this excellent service from River’s Edge when I finish my treatment.

“Staff is proactive. It is rare to find good service. I have Tricare Insurance. Express Scripts is unable to provide my medication so I am happy to go with River’s Edge Pharmacy. The staff never leaves me hanging. The pharmacist always calls me with updates, I am never left in the dark. I know what is going on. With other pharmacies, the service is not personal. I only get updates through texts or when i call. No one seems to know what is going on. I will miss this excellent service from River’s Edge when I finish my treatment.”

We need more like your employees

“Being these times are very emotional, trying times, full of anxiety and uncertainties, etc, Stephany C. was very attentive, patient, understanding and clear with information. I couldn’t have asked for a better person for us/me."

Always kind and very respectful

“Just wanted to say how wonderful it is dealing with the staff and Pharmacists. They are always kind and very respectful. My questions are always answered with language so I can understand the medications I am being prescribed. Side effects are gone over and a delivery time that works for me is set. Thank you for being so human and easy to talk with. We need more like your employees give at this time.”

Always on top of things

“I am a very pleased with the pharmacy. Staff is always on top of things. Every time I call in, everyone is over-the-top helpful and very cooperative. I love calling and speaking to Samuel, Estefany and specially Mina – he always suggests things for us to do, and knows how to take care of patients.”

10 Stars!

“From the moment you walk in the door, you have a feeling of being cared for and pampered. Nurse Noorali made me feel at home; was kind, attentive and knowledgeable. The accommodations are designed to relax you (they even have snacks!). I’d give this experience 10 stars if I could! Great caring atmosphere with a top of the line medical professional while you get the treatment you need. Highly recommend!”

Thank you!

“I’m a chronically ill patient and have been dealing with many pharmacies throughout the years. But I’ve never dealt with such a good pharmacy like River’s Edge Pharmacy. Thank you for taking care of me the way you.”

I trust you...

“I trust you and I will do anything you tell me to do, because I can feel how much you truly care for me, and not just trying to get a job done.”

I will be recommending you

“I’ve never dealt with such a nice pharmacy as River’s Edge Pharmacy before, and I will be recommending you to everyone I know.”

Perfect score...

“River’s Edge Pharmacy is excellent. Estefany is an angel. She is fantastic. She calls me on time and always follows up with me. I give her the highest recommendation. The Pharmaceutical staff goes above and beyond. Perfect Score on all services and for all staff members.”

Keep doing what you are doing

“Thank you River’s edge for keeping in touch and being there for us. I am happy with the service. Gina answered my call today and did an outstanding job. Keep doing what you are doing. ”

I’ve had no problems at all.

“Before I moved to River’s Edge Pharmacy, I had to deal with really bad service – my medication was always late. I would be in so much pain, crying. And I couldn’t sleep at night when I don’t take my medication on time. The last 2 years I have been with River’s Edge. I’ve had no problems at all. I was not in pain. I didn’t need to worry about my deliveries. Samantha calls me every month on time.”

Best regards

“Thank you so very much for the excellent customer service. This is the first time I have encountered this level of service with a pharmacist and I’m sad that my insurance is taking me elsewhere. I appreciate the regular wellness check phone calls and the willingness to answer my many questions. You have made this chronic pain patients life a whole lot easier with your service! Best regards.”

Thanks to the Chronic Team

“I am very happy with River’s Edge as my pharmacy. I get a call every month to refill my prescription. The staff makes sure my prescription and authorizations are up to date. I didn’t need to mark my calendar on when I would need refills. I had issues with other companies and had to deal with all the drama of the authorization renewal and deliveries. Thanks to the Chronic team.”

You guys are awesome!

“I really appreciate your help over the years. I have been with River’s Edge for more than 4 years. All my deliveries are on time, and the driver places the package exactly where we want it. You guys are awesome! ”

He is an extra-mile person!

“I see a gem in Mina K. He is thoughtful, nice, patient, and considerate. His customer service skills are over the top. He goes above and beyond. He is an extra-mile person. Everyone at the pharmacy is so nice. I usually have a lot of questions and it doesn’t bother anybody – they have the same great attitude. I usually speak with Stephany, Samantha and Nardeen”

I Appreciate Samantha!

“I appreciate Samantha – how terrific she is and what she does! The deliveries are accurate. She calls me on a timely basis to setup delivery times. And when I call, I easily get through to her. She is always on point, and I appreciate her taking care of all the details.”

Samantha is Wonderful

“Samantha is wonderful. I like her. She has a great personality. She is knowledgeable, professional, and asks the right questions. She calls to tell me when my medication will be delivered, she asks how I am doing…how I’m feeling. Their service is great.”

My Gratitude

“I just wanted to show my gratitude. Today I received a phone call back from Gina again, for when she helped me last week. My medication had either a defect or I accidentally injected it wrong (probably the latter of the two). Gina offered to call the manufacture and get me a replacement of my injection for my migraines, and that was so kind of her. I really appreciate her effort. When she was able to do so, my replacement arrived fairly fast, and I was able to have my injection replaced without a cost. Her customer skills are on point and she was so kind, and I really appreciate her efforts and all her help. She went above and beyond her duties. “

Helpful and articulate.

“I am a 50-year-old cancer patient. The staff at my oncologist are not friendly, and I have done more than 1 round of IV chemo. Speaking to Stephany Chaides at RE pharmacy was a pleasant surprise. She is the most friendly, helpful and nice. Before Covid 19, I was a sales manager. And I can say it is hard to find good help from happy employees. Stephany was helpful and articulate. Most pharmacies – when they deal with cancer patients – they don’t show empathy. They say, “I’m on lunch, you can wait."

Employee of the Month!

“I spoke with Monique on Friday and she did more for me in one day than the other two pharmacies did for me in 20 days. She is an excellent person and went way beyond, and deserves to be employee of the month!”

I appreciate all you guys do...

“Mina K. worked so hard to help us out. He was very personable and definitely on top of his job. He did a great job. I appreciate all you guys do.”

Always on time!

“I love RE Pharmacy for always being on time. I love the follow-up of the company. They always keep my prescription going, make sure I don’t run out of meds, and they gave me a special coupon to keep it affordable. Staff is personable and knowledgeable. They call me with a precise goal and know how to make the patient feel good. You have a good crew and awesome business. I am grateful for all the effort and the great customer service that you offer. I love that you call me after I get my medication to follow up and make sure the delivery went well. I am so grateful for them, and I appreciate everything they do for me. I enjoy talking to Estefany, especially during this time.”


“RE is a pleasure to work with. The staff is very dedicated in helping out our patients and ensuring that they obtain medications in a timely manner. Staff is very good at keeping us updated on patients medications. Overall satisfied with the pharmacy staff!”

Dear Dianna.

“Suellen and I can’t thank you enough for your kind, patient demeanor while assisting us. Your kindness is greatly appreciated!”

Always On Time

“Thank you for the excellent service you offered throughout my father’s treatment. Your staff was wonderful and deliveries were always on time.”

Great Customer Service

“RE has really great customer service. RE is 100 times better than my last pharmacy. The staff is very polite, understanding, and always makes sure my delivery is on time and punctual. RE also helps me with setting up nursing.”

Much Happier!

“Your services have allowed my daughter to avoid being hospitalized, which has made her much happier.”

Patient Started Crying...

“[Patient] started crying because she couldn’t believe how nice we were to take the time to discuss IV infusion therapy with her, review her medications, and explain what her lab results meant.”

Sharp Group

“I called the patient to inform him that his replacement medication would be delivered in 3 to 5 business days. He was thrilled to hear this news, amazed at how much RE cares about their patients, and called us a ‘sharp group"

Thanks You So Much

“Thanks so much for the time you spend finding foundation assistance for our patients!”

Dear RE Pharmacy...

“I was very impressed with your representative, Tanya, during my doctor’s visit. She was so professional, polite, and patient. She treated everyone in the office in a classy and polite manner. I am extremely grateful for receiving services from RE Pharmacy, and told my family and friends about your services.”

Great Job, Chronic Team!

“Mireille and the Chronic Team had an oncology patient who was due for their first refill. The patient was enrolled in The Desert Cancer Foundation but the foundation was refusing to fund the patient any further. The patients doctor had to consider changing medications – which we know would not be best for the patient. The Chronic Team was able to find a new foundation to enroll the patient in, so that there was no disruption in treatment.”

I Can't Say Enough About My Pharmacist

”He was friendly and explained everything and answered all my questions. Very rare these days”

I’m truly Blessed to have Dr. Brignoni as my doctor

“She’s the reason I’m being helped by the incredible people from River’s Edge Pharmacy.”

Thank You, River's Edge.

“River’s Edge not only provided me with prompt professional service, they filled my specialty care medicine, when other large pharmacies would not. I remain grateful to their pharmacist Nardeen, for answering all of my questions, following up with me to see how I am feeling with my new medication, and sending me email notifications informing me of when my medication would arrive via Fed Ex. I cannot imagine receiving this type of personal care elsewhere. Thank you River’s Edge”


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