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Talking Prescription Labels!

Are you concerned about taking medications improperly? Or do you have a friend or family member with a visual impairment? We have a solution to help. At no cost to you, River’s Edge Pharmacy now offers ScripTalk Talking Labels.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 1.3 billion people live with some form of vision impairment

How ScriptTalk Works

We add a small electronic tag to the bottom of prescription bottles and a patient can place the bottle on a little listening station at home which will read all the information out loud. The listening station, or ScripTalk Station, is provided on loan at no charge by En-Vision America. Alternatively, a patient can download a FREE ScripTalk Mobile App from Google Play or the Apple App Store to access their prescription information out loud.

Talking prescription labels help to ensure you are taking the correct medication and dosage at the right time, thus increasing your safety and independence. All the printed label information is provided via the talking label, including patient name, drug name, dosage, instructions, prescription number, date, pharmacy information, warnings, and patient education leaflets.

ScripTalk can tell you what’s in your medication bottle, who prescribed it, correct dosage, possible side effects and more…

Check Out The Video Below For More Info!

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